Raoul vs phantom

If you have ever seen the movie-musical version of My Fair Lady, you may recall the final scene. Yep, it's Killian Donnelly. Many of the Phantom's actions in the stage show are not explained, giving him a more ghostly persona. It seems that the majority of Phantom "phans" love Erik the Phantom best of all.

I mean, when you get up really close it looks fake, obviously, but from where the audience sat I'm sure it was very convincing.

The play is a tragedy, no one will argue with me there unless you hate the phantom and love Raoul, there aren't many of those out there. I'm running out of Praising Adjectives here.

Viscount Raoul de Chagny

February 16, Erik vs. Certain songs certainly stand out as classic show tunes while some felt a Raoul vs phantom unnecessary. Although the colors and characters scream out the meaning in the theme to the viewers, there are still symbols.

But in order to find their love for each other they have to work together to solve a mystery.

“Phantom of the Opera” Book v. Musical

On the other hand, the music in My Fair Lady is okay. He s a good hearted man who wants nothing more than to help people, he doesn't even hesitate to help Raoul save Christine when he realizes what kind of danger she's in.

Chauvelin is an excellent pick for most dastardly villain! They believe "The Phantom" it's just a rumour and don't listen to his demands, which causes a great conflict with Erik. I used to think that the whole "hand at the level of your eyes" thing was to keep people from having to look at the Phantom's deformity.

The lighting, color and music point to the Phantom as he controls the stage and the characters on it.

Phantom of the Opera: Why do Phans hate Raoul?

And boy does he regret it now. He was deeply jealous of him, he wanted him dead. The Phantom did almost everything for his own well-being: But she didn't because she wanted to be with Raoul. So, how about you? This gives Eliza the ending she deserves by reclaiming her independence. I agree, it's one of the most touching parts of the story.

During the catacomb scene, the first time the Phantom takes Christine down to his lair, the horse he puts Christine on for some of the journey is a black and nameless stallion.

So, I gave it up completely for a time. He's kind and thoughtful, he is so very patient with me, and he loves to make me laugh. Raoul loves Christine more wholeheartedly than the Phantom.

If anything, he'll do less than he does now because he's tired and worn out from providing for the family all day. But for the most part, the plot of My Fair Lady progresses steadily, keeping viewers enthralled with the story. There's a feather in my mouth. Eventually, someone would have had to stand up to him.

In the musical, he is given a back-story albeit briefly much closer to that in the book, of a man who has traveled widely for much of his life and who helped to actually build the opera house.

Raoul and Christine are just kids! In the musical's "Think of Me", the backdrop falls, but it doesn't actually hit Carlotta as it does in the film, it just frightens her. The scales have finally fallen from her eyes and she's seeing the Phantom for what he truly is.

This kind of love may make for a good story, but in real life it can be disastrous. MERGE exists and is an alternate of. However, the only damage done is to the chandelier whereas, in the movie, the chandelier sets fire to the Opera Populaire. Please and thank you! What is different between the movie and book?

We alone are responsible for our own actions, no matter what others have done to us.Feb 16,  · daughter of the King, wifey, mommy, shepherdess, and so much more Pages. Home; Things; for {You}Author: Day by Day. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA VS ROMEO & JUILIET SIMILARITIES Phantom of the Opera Phantom --> Christine -->Raoul Phantom forces Christing to love him.

Raoul or Erik (the Phantom), who is superior to the other and who did Christine Daae truly love? Would The Phantom have given her a normal life the way that Raoul could? Who should Christine have ended up with?

Although popular opinion tends to be in favor of Raoul, Erik is the right choice. At the time of the interview Killian was starring as Raoul in The Phantom of The Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

Inspired by his parents Killian started singing in the choir while at school. The Phantom of the Opera at Royal Albert Hall () is a recording of the stage musical Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber. They recorded three sessions and edited them together.

The film was directed by Nick Morris while the stage production was directed by Laurence Connor. The return of “The Phantom of the Opera” to San Francisco, 22 years after the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical potboiler first opened here ininduces two equal and opposite responses.

Raoul vs phantom
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