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This can cause more harm to the Nation by losing individuals. Two of these reasons are the reluctance of health care institutions to reduce staffing, and the growing number of RN Unions that want to maintain, if not to expand, the current staffing levels.

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Leadership at all levels must come together to combat these problems, while offering long lasting solutions to attract people into nursing. Abuairub comments that extra social support from co-workers may assist in creating a more friendly and pleasurable working environment as well as nurses feeling they could call on co-workers for assistance.

Lack of recognizing their efforts and contributions to this sector is another issue that does not address their working conditions. After analyzing these problems, I have decided to draw a conclusion that creative solutions and labor motivations are the major factors that need to be addressed in order to safe the situation as far as nursing career is concerned.

Due to this outcome, some of the repercussions are that physically exhausted nurses do prescribe wrong dosage to patients or they may prescribe right drug but misguide patients on Nusring shortage burnouts essays to use the drugs.

A patient of nursing burnout should also minimize stressors both at the workplace and at home. Burnouts often results from prolonged stress. The work environment should be transformed by providing capable, top-level nursing leadership and understanding nursing supervision all through the organization; involving nurses in decisions that are related to patient care ; re-designing nurses work spaces to be more ergonomic and less physically demanding.

There are multiple symptoms of anxiety and burnout, as noted, prolonged stress and anxiety can result in burnout. According to them, the magnitude of retirements poses the question of whether it is possible to raise the number of new RNs to meet future demands.

It needs a call to be dedicated in this service. Yet it could be argued that these results are not a true indication of full-time nurses feelings as Nurses who achieve specific assignments should be praised and rewarded accordingly.

The question now is, what causes the shortage of registered nurses? In conclusion, the nursing profession is under high demand as our population is growing older and the acuity of patients is increasing. Eventually, this would be a great loss to the nation and the impact is felt in the near future.

Nursing Shortage and Nursing Turnover

Other Strategies for Reducing Nursing Burnout. These symptoms are especially worrying as they can reduce quality of care and decrease patient satisfaction Janssen et al.

According to Newton, Handy and Finemana burnout usually affects the level of performance of a person at the job. In that article too, forecasts see the continuity of this trend, such as that of the Bureau of Health Professions projecting a shortage ofnurses by This is what raises the legal issue of nurses.

Application of latest technologies in nursing sector and outsourcing can be tried to improve working conditions in this sector. In this semester, I have also observation that there is high nurses work overload and low technology application.

Causes of Nursing Burnout. Because of such mistakes, nurses are forced to spend too much money in hiring private lawyers or insuring themselves against such bias.

Therefore, means of solving the above problems need to be realized. Moreover, nursing burnouts usually occur when the physical and emotional stress of a nurse gets beyond his or her control.Home Essays Nursing Burnout.

Nursing Burnoutp. 4). Indeed, the issue of burnout needs to be addressed because many nurses want to leave the profession. The shortage of nurses puts nurses and their patients in danger. In a similar study, Hinshaw () also reports that concerns over inadequate staffing, providing safe care, long.

Nursing shortage is defined as the inadequate number of qualified nurses to meet the projected demand for nursing care within a healthcare setting, where the demand for nurses is greater than the supply.

Nurse shortage is defined in relation to existing levels of demands that are not met either in the present or in the past and also in the comparison of existing nurses and those still in the institutions of learning.

Key words searched included burnout, nursing, anxiety, stress, shortage, graduate, and strategies. Stress is thought to be connected to an individual’s response to specific demands, if the individual assesses the demand as beyond their resources this generates a stress response (Clancy & McVicar,as cited in McVicar, ).

Nursing shortage and Nurse Turnover The ongoing instability evidenced from the high mobility of qualified nurses in the nursing workforce has raised many questions about the issue of nursing shortage and nurse turnover (Gates & Jones, ).

Nursing Shortage This paper aims at analyzing the consequences of understaffing nurses. Some of the outcomes I observed this semester are nurse burnout and .

Nusring shortage burnouts essays
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