Cool ideas to write a book

Experiment with Your Physical Limits. What if you tried writing a book from the bible? Bryony Kimmings spent seven days drinking vodka to see how alcohol affects creativity. So why not try and make the toys alive for a while in the minds of children. Write what you know.

11 Best Ideas for Writing Children’s Books

Start a website on WordPress or Tumblr and use it write your book a chapter or scene at a time. Besides helping you to process and understand your own thoughts and impressions, it helps you recollect the small anecdotes and interesting tidbits you hear throughout the day, many of which could be the germs of novel ideas.

All it takes is imagination, hard work and understanding of what kids actually enjoy. Kids today can hardly live a day without modern technologies. While Ceres searches far and wide for Persephone, she neglects her duties overseeing the natural environment and a long winter settles in.

Her mother sees her always cooped up in her room and tells her to go outside. Besides, different age groups would have different psychological characteristics which influence how they view this world. This could be work-related, or it could simply be a subject on which people recognize you as being knowledgeable.

Instead, challenge your readers to go beyond their thinking box and follow their curiosity. Find a reason to increase the length of your short story for example your character makes an important decision — what will the outcome be?

More than that, seeing a kid read and enjoy the book that you wrote makes all the efforts worth it. However, the more outlandish or embarrassing the story, the more likely you are to attract an engaged audience for your book idea. Where do you find ideas for a book?

Do you have a thirst for knowledge? Learn more with Jennie Nash. Many famous works of literature started out as short stories that authors used as process work. Even so the atmosphere or feelings evoked by music will pull you in other creative directions to your current creative frame of mind.

This, as you may recall, was how ideas got around long before the Internet. Use short stories to develop your ideas Starting a novel is daunting.

Any Good Book Ideas??

You might find a map that inspires a travelogue, or an old letter written in a script that inspires the idea for a fictional character. Long projects are daunting. Finishing a novel is daunting too. Many authors also throw in a dash of romance when writing adventure, fantasy, historical or other fiction.

This works particularly well for niche topics.

Book Ideas for Young Writers

You may do best to start with those "bad messages" you don't want to condone in your story. But despite the fact that this subject is too wide to cover in one sitting, there are some basic rules that should help one understand key principles of success in regards to writing books for kids.Write a book, then write a similar book, rinse and repeat.

Book Ideas for Young Writers

Find this Pin and more on The Writer's Sandbox by Darcy Pattison - Children's Book Author. The Think Like a Writer series challenges writers to write at least words each and every day for a month. I'm trying to write a book. But the problem is, I can't think of any good ideas to write about.

I don't like vampires or Twilight or anything, and I would like it not to have any bad messages in it. Oct 05,  · 36 Plot Ideas for your Novel Jill Williamson is a chocolate loving, daydreaming, creator of kingdoms.

She writes weird books for teens in lots of weird genres like, fantasy (Blood of Kings trilogy), science fiction (Replication), and dystopian (The Safe Lands trilogy).Author: Go Teen Writers. Sep 16,  · Edit Article How to Get an Idea for a Book (For Young Writers) Two Parts: Turning your ideas into writing Free writing Community Q&A Do you love to write books, or is this your first time writing a book?

No matter the case, you came to the right article%(). His email was simply entitled “Book Ideas“, and he was writing to ask for help. In a word, he wanted us to develop his ideas for writing a book.

And here was the thing. Science Fiction Story Ideas Over 1, story starters you can use! Part 1 – Alien invasion, abduction, and first contact When he begins to write with the pen, he discovers that the pen has the ability to reshape creation.

A powerful, ancient alien falls in love with a human and, in an attempt to win her affections, creates a new universe.

Cool ideas to write a book
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